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Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

OSM Irl Ltd respects your right to privacy. We developed this Privacy Statement to inform you about our practices. Questions regarding this Privacy Statement should be directed to info@osm-irl.com
Privacy is a concern to most Internet users. OSM Irl Ltd is acutely aware of, and sensitive to, the privacy concerns of our customers. We assure you that we do not collect personal information from you unless you provide it to us. If you are registering to use the site you will be asked to provide certain information. We are asking for this information solely the purpose of providing the services offered and authenticating your identity when you login. Be assured that we do not sell information about our customers or site visitors to third parties.

Privacy Policy Enforcement

If you feel that OSM Irl Ltd is violating this Privacy Statement, please contact us at info@osm-irl.com.

Traffic Data

Each time a visitor comes to OSM Irl Ltd site, information is collected including the domain name / IP address, referring URL, browser and platform, time of visit, pages visited and searches performed, if any. These statistics are used to help us improve the performance of our website.
Aggregated traffic data may be shared with potential advertisers, research firms, and business partners for demographic purposes. When used in this aggregated form no one will be able to identify or contact you.

Use of E-mail Addresses

Registered OSM Irl Ltd users may “opt out” of any e-mail communications offered in the “Profile” section of the site. If you change your mind you can always reverse your decision later. E-mails that confirm business transactions will always be sent to you.

Sending You Responses and Updates

We generally respond to any e-mail questions, requests for service or information, and other inquiries we receive. We may also retain this correspondence to improve our products, services and website. Frequently we retain contact information so that we can send individuals updates or other important information about our services and products.

Security Statement

All reasonable steps and procedures to keep your details safe and secure are applied by the company.The Web site uses SSL (which stands for "Secure Sockets Layer"), the de facto standard for Internet security.

SSL is an open protocol for secure data communications across the computer networks. Broad support for this protocol promotes interoperability between products from many organisations. It provides an environment in which electronic commerce can be conducted and data can be safely encrypted and protected.
SSL provides a straightforward method for adding strong security to existing applications and network infrastructures. SSL is application protocol independent and provides encryption, which creates a secured channel to prevent others from tapping into the network; authentication, which uses certificates and digital signatures to verify the identity of parties in information exchanges and transactions; and message integrity, which ensures that messages cannot be altered en route. The OSM Irl Ltd, electrical web site is authenticated for E-commerce by Comodo, one of the world's leading Web site authentication authorities.

OSM Irl Ltd is committed to supporting Payment Card Industry security standards and good security practices. As such, we use industry standard security practices and tools to ensure the security of your credit card information. We work with our authorizing banks and business partners to ensure the security of our customer's information and are constantly reviewing our security position with processes to ensure they are aligned to PCI requirements.